How does the FAG factor influence the IT industry?

Although the internet is a free world, yet there are big players and they directly or indirectly influence the market. The decision and moves taken by these biggies defines the future of the IT market. In this article, we are going to have a closer look at how the three major giants of the internet dominate the market and how does their decision influences the market as a whole. Though the popular saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ holds true in most of the cases, still there are some exceptions to this theory. When it comes to online marketing, this saying could even work equally well vice-a-versa!

At times, some inventions are done in some kind of zest and then attempts are made to create a demand for those inventions. Some of these inventions might not be necessary necessity in anyways, but in order to make them sell, the marketing gurus creates their demand through smart marketing. In this article we are going to tell you about how the three biggies of Internet, namely, Facebook, Amazon and Google collectively known as FAG, plays an important role in defining and direct the IT industry and most of its innovations.

Facebook, Amazon and Google – The ‘FAG’ Three!

Like every other industry, IT industry too relies on user’s feedback to direct its innovations. They want user data that can be used to interpret their natural tendencies and likes and dislikes and then, all this data is processed and is interpreted into demand. This demand gets shape in form of an innovation, which could be in a form of a device, a service, a mobile app, a website or any other similar stuff.

The role of FAG in the IT sector

Facebook and Google are the two biggies, on which IT industry relies heavily for user’s feedback and trends. There are some open ways to find out the market and user trends. Google provides lots of tools that can be used to understand the market and the user requirements. Similarly observing Facebook trends and news is also useful in defining the kind of mood users are having and how it would translate into a product in near future.

Finally after all the research is done, a few products are finalized and they comes market. Amazon, being one of the biggest online shopping centre, plays the role of the tester in deciding how many of these products have been successful.

In this way, you can understand the role of these three biggies in the IT industry. By merely observing them and using the right tools along with your observation skills, you should be able to develop an understanding towards the present IT market trends, which will be helpful for you in interpreting future IT trends.

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