Dell Streak Android Tablet

The world of gadget is interesting and the possibilities with gadgets are almost endless. Each and every day, a new gadget gets introduced in the market and if it works out well then, in no time you can find similar versions by its counterparts.  Although there are lots of great brands, yet there are some of the well known ones, who majorly defines the innovation,  technology as well as the future of the gadget world. In this article, we are going to have a closer look at Dell Streak Android Tablet and see how its performance is.

With the Android market taking hold of the mobile world by storm, any Android device that appears on the market is almost guaranteed to turn heads.  With more and more choices becoming available each month, it is hard to know which device will give the best value for money.

With Dell, you know you’re getting a good deal.  Dell have been trading for years and have become a highly respectable and world renowned company.  Their Dell Streak Tablet for Android is one of the latest Android devices that Dell has released to the market, and is well worth a consideration for anyone thinking of purchasing an Android tablet.

The Dell Streak has a nifty, compact design.  It is only 8 cm tall and 4.8 cm wide with a five-inch screen, which makes it probably the smallest tablet available, and many argue that it is not actually a true tablet.  Don’t let this put you off however, as you will benefit from its smaller size as it is far more portable in any backpack, handbag or briefcase than any of the larger tablets, and you can even fit it in your pocket if you wish. The Streak has full flash support, which will allow you to view online flash content.  The tablet also has an expansion slot for up to 16 gb of additional data, as well as a more than adequate integrated 512mb ROM and RAM chip.  The GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options give you plenty of options for networking your tablet, and with a 1520mAh Lithium ion battery, you can be sure that even when you are using the network options, you will not run out of power. For a compact lightweight tablet that doesn’t compromise on features, choosing the Dell Streak is a great idea!. We hope that this article was helpful and it would enable you to decide on a decision to buy or leave Dell Streak Android Tablet