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General advice on online safety

There is no doubt that internet has changed our life drastically and it surely has


General advice on online safety

There is no doubt that internet has changed our life drastically and it surely has more advantages than disadvantages. However, there are some side effects of internet that can not be ignored either. We spent substantial time online. It would be hard to find someone who does not spends a few hours or at least a few minutes on internet every day. As most of us are used to using internet for one purpose or the other, internet or the virtual world affects us either directly or indirectly. Due to this influence, it is necessary that we make ourselves alert all the time so that the influence of internet on us is positive and we are able to save ourselves from the harmful effects of internet.

How could Internet harm you?

Now you may wonder how exactly you can get affected by the harmful effects of internet. There are different ways in which internet can affect us adversely. There are some evident ways that you might be aware of. These include your computer getting affected by a virus or Malware software.

Apart from it, the health experts find some of the people are getting addicted by the use of internet. These internet users browse some of their favorite social networking sites regularly and spend hours on it every day. Some of the internet users simply like to spend lots of time on the internet and if, for any reason, they are not able to use internet for a single day, they start behaving abnormally.

This is not a very good sign and is a clear indication of addiction of internet. All these harmful effects need to be first understood and examined and then they should be rectified sensibly. If we make our self alert and use internet safely, then we would be able to take the advantages of internet which are, no doubt, tremendous. But at the same time, we should also ensure that we keep ourselves away from the harmful effects of internet.


How does the FAG factor influence the IT industry?

Although the internet is a free world, yet there are big players and they directly or indirectly influence the market. The decision and moves taken by these biggies defines the future of the IT market. In this article, we are going to have a closer look at how the three major giants of the internet dominate the market and how does their decision influences the market as a whole. Though the popular saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ holds true in most of the cases, still there are some exceptions to this theory. When it comes to online marketing, this saying could even work equally well vice-a-versa!

At times, some inventions are done in some kind of zest and then attempts are made to create a demand for those inventions. Some of these inventions might not be necessary necessity in anyways, but in order to make them sell, the marketing gurus creates their demand through smart marketing. In this article we are going to tell you about how the three biggies of Internet, namely, Facebook, Amazon and Google collectively known as FAG, plays an important role in defining and direct the IT industry and most of its innovations.

Facebook, Amazon and Google – The ‘FAG’ Three!

Like every other industry, IT industry too relies on user’s feedback to direct its innovations. They want user data that can be used to interpret their natural tendencies and likes and dislikes and then, all this data is processed and is interpreted into demand. This demand gets shape in form of an innovation, which could be in a form of a device, a service, a mobile app, a website or any other similar stuff.

The role of FAG in the IT sector

Facebook and Google are the two biggies, on which IT industry relies heavily for user’s feedback and trends. There are some open ways to find out the market and user trends. Google provides lots of tools that can be used to understand the market and the user requirements. Similarly observing Facebook trends and news is also useful in defining the kind of mood users are having and how it would translate into a product in near future.

Finally after all the research is done, a few products are finalized and they comes market. Amazon, being one of the biggest online shopping centre, plays the role of the tester in deciding how many of these products have been successful.

In this way, you can understand the role of these three biggies in the IT industry. By merely observing them and using the right tools along with your observation skills, you should be able to develop an understanding towards the present IT market trends, which will be helpful for you in interpreting future IT trends.

We believe that you find this comparison interesting. We would like to know your opinion about it as well. We invite your suggestions and comments. Please feel to let know your feedback about this article in the comments section. We wait for your feedback and comments with interest and we appreciate the time you spend reading this article.


Dell Streak Android Tablet

The world of gadget is interesting and the possibilities with gadgets are almost endless. Each and every day, a new gadget gets introduced in the market and if it works out well then, in no time you can find similar versions by its counterparts.  Although there are lots of great brands, yet there are some of the well known ones, who majorly defines the innovation,  technology as well as the future of the gadget world. In this article, we are going to have a closer look at Dell Streak Android Tablet and see how its performance is.

With the Android market taking hold of the mobile world by storm, any Android device that appears on the market is almost guaranteed to turn heads.  With more and more choices becoming available each month, it is hard to know which device will give the best value for money.

With Dell, you know you’re getting a good deal.  Dell have been trading for years and have become a highly respectable and world renowned company.  Their Dell Streak Tablet for Android is one of the latest Android devices that Dell has released to the market, and is well worth a consideration for anyone thinking of purchasing an Android tablet.

The Dell Streak has a nifty, compact design.  It is only 8 cm tall and 4.8 cm wide with a five-inch screen, which makes it probably the smallest tablet available, and many argue that it is not actually a true tablet.  Don’t let this put you off however, as you will benefit from its smaller size as it is far more portable in any backpack, handbag or briefcase than any of the larger tablets, and you can even fit it in your pocket if you wish. The Streak has full flash support, which will allow you to view online flash content.  The tablet also has an expansion slot for up to 16 gb of additional data, as well as a more than adequate integrated 512mb ROM and RAM chip.  The GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options give you plenty of options for networking your tablet, and with a 1520mAh Lithium ion battery, you can be sure that even when you are using the network options, you will not run out of power. For a compact lightweight tablet that doesn’t compromise on features, choosing the Dell Streak is a great idea!. We hope that this article was helpful and it would enable you to decide on a decision to buy or leave Dell Streak Android Tablet


Importance of an Anti Virus Software

Internet has become an integral part of our life. We cannot think about spending a single day without internet. Internet is not only used for entertainment purpose, but some of us even earn a living online. As, it is become very important for us, it is not possible to separate it and think about a life without internet. Life has become very easy and convenient due to internet. Internet is not only used for entertainment, but it is also used for convenience purpose like online shopping and tickets booking. Apart from it internet, is a source of abundance knowledge and information and it can be used to find answer for almost all kinds of questions.

But as internet can also affect us adversely, it is important to ensure that its harmful effects are minimized to the best possible extent. In this article we will provide you some information about how you can ensure your online safety while browsing on internet.

Prevention is better than cure!

The famous saying is that it is always better to prevent yourself from a disease or a misfortune before it occurs. The same theory could be applied to internet as well. As the world of internet is very wide, the threats of online safety are also endless. Therefore, it is sensible to safeguard your interest before hand and take all possible measures to prevent yourself from any online threat.

In order to do that, you should first understand the kinds of threats, which you could face online. There are some basic threats and vulnerability risks while using Internet, which you might be already well aware of. These threats includes, but are not limited to, attack of a virus or a malicious software (which could be in form of a malware or even shareware). In order to prevent yourself from them, you should simply install a good and reliable anti-virus software.

Why do you need an Anti Virus Software?

Although there are lots of free anti-virus software available in the market, yet it is important that you select reliable and reputed anti-virus software and do not be shy, even if you have to pay for it. Once your computer gets affected by a virus, the data inside it, which might also include your super confidential personal information, would be under threat. Therefore it is necessary that you take every possible measure to safeguard it and the most sensible way to do that is by installing reputed anti-virus software.